Snow & Winter Weather Information

City crews will be on the roads before, during and after snowfall. While crews work, your patience is appreciated. Please do not drive during this event and, if possible, wait until plows have had significant time to get to every road before heading out. If you have questions, please contact public service at 434-970-3830.

  • Do not walk in the middle of the street. It is extremely dangerous. Snow can muffle sound, making vehicles hard to hear. There are slick areas on the roads and plows can create unseen hazards, i.e. accidentally opening manhole covers.
  • Charlottesville Area Transit will post information about any delays or service interruptions on their Facebook page and push such information out though the CAT mobile app. View information on how snow impacts CAT.

Snow Removal Information

See our Public Works page on Snow Removal.

Track snow route progress across the City using the Snow Plow Portal (This link will only be active during active plowing or treating events).

Clearing of Sidewalks

Charlottesville City Code requires that property owners remove snow from sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of snowfall. Per City Code Section 28-25, it is the responsibility of owners/occupants of properties in the City which abut or front paved sidewalks to clear the sidewalk of snow, sleet and ice. Cleared sidewalks help ensure the safety of both pedestrians and motorists by giving those on foot a safe route to walk. 

Walking in the roadway is extremely dangerous. Please clear the entire width of the sidewalk rather than a shovel width to allow strollers and wheelchairs a clear pathway. The City of Charlottesville reminds the community to be safe and healthy when shoveling snow and to assist neighbors who may have difficulty removing snow from their property. If you would like to report an unshoveled sidewalk, please call 434-970-3182 or use the MyCville app.

Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection

Due to the recent inclement weather residential trash and recycling routes will not be collected January 16th. Collection will resume Wednesday January 17th, one day behind schedule, and will complete Saturday January 20th. Public Service will be providing collection to the Uptown/Downtown business routes.

Questions can be directed to the City's Public Works Department at 434-970-3830 or