Water Conservation

Water is an essential component of life itself. In order to ensure its availability, while saving you money at the same time, it is crucial that everyone practice good water conservation, especially in times of drought. The City has developed a comprehensive water conservation program to encourage and enable every citizen to save water.

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Water Conservation Program Highlights

Free Conservation Kit

Free Water Conservation Kits!

Come with WaterSense labeled showerheads, WaterSense labeled faucet aerators, toilet leak detection dye tabs, and more! 

Toilet bowl flushing money to promote WaterSense Toilet Rebate

$100 WaterSense Toilet Rebate!

Replace your older style toilet with a WaterSense labeled one & get a $100 rebate!

Rain Barrel Rebate

$30 Rain Barrel Rebate

Install a rain barrel in your yard and get a $30 rebate for helping saving water outdoors!

2020 Imagine a Day without Water Art Contest!

Accepting Art: October 21st - November 23rd
New Theme: What Water Means to Me

2020 Imagine a Day without Water Youth Art Contest

Go to the contest website for more information and full contest rules. 

Imagine a Day without Water 2020 Logo, October 21st, 2020

2020 WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award Logo