Service Ownership

Meter and Service Line Ownership diagramMany homeowners do not realize that in addition to their internal plumbing, they also own a portion of the water and sewer service lines running to their house. Knowing which lines are yours is important in the event that maintenance is required, as the City cannot repair private lines.

The City of Charlottesville Owns & Maintains

  • Gas main line
  • Gas meter
  • Gas service line running to the meter
  • The meter box
  • The meter
  • The sanitary sewer main line
  • The water main line
  • The water service line running to the meter

The Property Owner Owns & Is Responsible to Maintain

  • The water service line running between the meter and the building
  • All plumbing attached to the water service line
  • The sanitary sewer service line from the building to the sanitary sewer main

Please note: The water meter may fall on either side of the property line; however, this will not change the maintenance and ownership responsibilities.

Have a Service Line Problem & Are Unsure Who Owns the Line?

Contact the Department of Utilities at 434-970-3800 to determine which party is responsible for maintenance. If the problem exists with a City-owned line, we will address the issue. If the problem is with your line, we will tell you. You may even qualify for a bill adjustment if you find and correct a plumbing problem on your side of the line.