Business Activities Licenses

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Business Activities in Charlottesville Parks & Recreation

The purposes of this policy include but are not limited to:

  • To ensure public safety, health and welfare of all park and facility participants
  • To guarantee parks and recreation facilities are available for the benefit of all city citizens
  • To preserve the recreational nature of the land and facilities
  • To set clear rules for permitted uses in parks and recreational facilities
  • To protect the city’s property and guarantee uses consistent with the parks and recreation facilities
  • To adhere to all applicable local, state and federal laws with respect to the provisions of goods and services on city property
  • To establish clear rules on the time, place and manner of activities in parks and recreation facilities
  • To establish reasonable fees, charges and rentals

Policy Statements

Business Activities

For the purpose of this policy business activities shall mean a course of dealing which requires the time, attention and labor of the person so engaged for the purpose of earning a livelihood or profit. Business activities include, but are not limited to, group instructional services, group coaching and/or group training activities. Such activities imply a continuous and regular course of dealing, rather than an irregular or isolated transaction or event. A person may be engaged in one or more businesses. There is a rebuttable presumption that a person is engaged in a business activity where through advertising or other means one communicates to the public that they are engaged in an activity for a fee and/ or one files tax returns, schedules and/or documents that are required only of persons or entities engaged in trade or business.

Business Activities Registration

For the purpose of this policy, business activities registration shall mean the required documentation issued by the Director of Parks and Recreation Department, or his designee, which is evidence of approval to conduct business activities on Park land or within a recreational facility owned by the City of Charlottesville.

No person shall sell or make an offer to sell goods or services within a park or recreational facility owned by the City of Charlottesville (hereinafter "park or recreational facility") without first obtaining a business activities registration form from the Parks and Recreation Department, paying all required rental and reservation fees, any applicable permit fees, and/or entering into a facilities use agreement where applicable.

Charlottesville Parks and Recreation shall endeavor to provide comprehensive programming and services for its citizens. When the department seeks to augment services through third party vendors, or to procure products or equipment, it shall follow the City of Charlottesville’s procurement policies

Registration Application

  • Registration Application Requirements: The Department of Parks and Recreation shall consider applications to use parks and recreation facilities for business activities under the following circumstances:
    • Applicants shall complete a Parks and Recreation Request for Business Activities Registration (PDF) (hereinafter "Application").
    • By filling out an application, the Applicant agrees to abide by all requirements, stipulations and pay all fees associated with the potential issuance of a Charlottesville Parks and Recreation business activities registration form. Copies of the current fees are incorporated as Attachment A.
    • The Applicant shall identify the proposed park or recreation facility.
    • The Applicant shall identify the proposed times and provide a detailed explanation of the business activities to be conducted.
  • Applicants must provide all of the above information to be considered for a business activity. If an application is incomplete or the applicant fails to provide all of the required information, the Parks and Recreation Department shall deny the request.
  • Upon issuance of a business registration form, the Applicant must agree to provide all rental and/or reservations fees, applicable to the park or recreation facility identified.


If application is approved, applicant will pay the City of Charlottesville a commission of 6% on the total gross revenue.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out a Business Activities Application
  2. Gather required documents
    1. Insurance
    2. Waiver (if needed)
  3. Mail to:
    Charlottesville Parks & Recreation
    P.O. Box 911
    Charlottesville, VA 22903