Land Books

The land book, which is created yearly, contains property record information, including the property owner's name, legal description, parcel number, assessed value and levied  tax amount.  Official copies of the land book are stored in the City of Charlottesville Circuit Court Clerk's office. Unofficial PDF copies dating back to 2015 are available  below:

Taxable PropertyExempt Property
2023 (PDF)
2023 (PDF)
2022 (PDF)2022 (PDF)
2021 (PDF)2021 (PDF)
2020 (PDF)2020 (PDF)
2019 (PDF)2019 (PDF)
2018 (PDF)2018 (PDF)
2017 (PDF)2017 (PDF)
2016 (PDF)2016 (PDF)
2015 (PDF)2015 (PDF)