Accessing your Work Phone Remotely

Check your messages from outside the office

  • Dial your city phone number (970-3XXX) and let your voicemail answer.
  • When the greeting begins to play, Press (*)
  • Enter your extension followed by the (#) key, and then enter your password followed by the (#) key.
  • The system will announce any new messages that have been received since you last logged on. 


Extend your phone outside the office

The City offers two solutions that you can use to access your work phone number away from your desk:

  • Single Number Reach (SNR): SNR works like an extension of your work phone rather than just forwarding your number:
    • You can use your work phone extension as a single number that will ring on both your desk phone and your cellphone.
    • Voicemail messages go right to your work voicemail account.
    • Help Desk can set it up without you needing to come in to the office. 
  • Soft Phone: Soft Phone puts all the functionality of your work phone on your computer; in fact, it even has an interface that looks much like your phone. This solution works especially well for customer-facing services.

For either SNR or Soft Phone, please contact the Help Desk for setup.

Send Voicemail to Email as Audio Attachment

The City’s phones have a feature that allow a voicemail to also be delivered to a user’s email inbox as a wave file audio attachment.  Please note that the voicemail will still remain on the phone even if the email with audio attachment is deleted.


Convert Voicemail to Text

City phones that have the "Send Voicemail to Email as Audio Attachment" enabled can also utilize an additional voicemail feature, Cisco Speechview.  Speechview will attempt to convert a voicemail to text and deliver the text version of the voicemail to your email inbox, allowing you to read your voicemail and take immediate action.  Users will receive two separate emails related to each voicemail:

  • Notification email that you have received an incoming voicemail with the audio wave file attached.
  • An additional email with the written text of the voicemail message.

Please contact the Help Desk for set up.


Using Microsoft Teams for Calls

You can also use Microsoft Teams as an online phone for calls between City employee phone numbers, but it works separately from your work phone. How?