Connect to the City Network (City Computer)

When do I need to connect to the network with the VPN?

You only need to access the VPN for applications and files that "live" on the City network. For example:

  • Network (mapped) drives
  • Files in those mapped drives
  • Internal applications (SAP, Intranet, etc.)

To conserve network resources, please log off when you are finished actively using these resources. Also, please do not use the VPN for Outlook or other Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, etc).

Most importantly, do not use the VPN for video streaming or CCTV. Also, connecting to the VPN with non-City devices is a violation of City IT security policy.

How do I connect to the City network from home?

You can access the City network from your City-issued computer or laptop by connecting to our VPN. How? (Log in with your network username and password to view the PDF.)

You will need the Cisco AnyConnect Client to connect, which is most likely already installed on your City laptop. If it’s not, please contact the HelpDesk.


How do I get to my files and programs?

After you connect to the VPN, you’ll be able to access your mapped network drives and network-specific applications. (Log in with your network username and password to view the PDF.)