Dockless Scooters & Bike Share

Imaging showing how to ride and park using e-scooters


Follow the rules to keep scooters in Charlottesville! 

Whether using a personally owned device, or one of the vendors participating in the city’s permit program, the following practices will help keep everyone safe.

  • Do not ride on sidewalks. Ride scooters in bike lanes where possible, and in the street with the flow of traffic.
  • Do not ride on the bricked portion of the Downtown Mall, the Corner, or Court Square.
  • Park the device upright near the curb, in a designated scooter or bike parking area,  or in spaces designated for motorcycle/moped parking.
  • If using one of the vendor-provided devices, be aware of your personal responsibility as outlined in your agreement with the vendor.

How to Park

Improperly parking devices create significant issues for pedestrian access to streets and buildings.  The issue is especially acute for people with disabilities who, along with everyone else, rely on open and safe access. Improper parking also creates operational hazards for transit, landscaping, maintenance, etc. Be thoughtful and park the device responsibly. 

  • Park the device upright near the curb, in a designated scooter or bike parking area,  or in spaces designated for motorcycle/moped parking.
  • Do not park on private property unless the company specifically allows it at a certain location.
  • Park on a hard surface whenever possible. Scooters may tip over when parked on grass or mulch.
  • Be mindful not to impede pedestrian and ADA access.


Please park responsibility and in designated areas on University Grounds. When parking near bike racks, place the scooter as near to the rack as is practical, or in the rack if space allows. 

Provide Feedback

The City invites the community to provide feedback on these new mobility options, including ideas and opinions on the direction the City should take with future regulations, by emailing emailing the Dockless Program.

Vendor-provided devices that are improperly parked can be reported via the phone number printed on the device. The city’s pilot program requires the vendor respond to that call within 2 hours.

The MyCville app includes a specific reporting link for dockless e-scooter and e-bicycle issues.


As a condition of operating in Charlottesville, Dockless Mobility Device operators are required to provide publicly accessible Application Programming Interfaces (API). APIs provide information to the public on where these devices are located and the type of device (e-scooter or e-bike). There is no personally identifiable information presented in these APIs, and they only display the location of devices available for rental, not devices in use. Charlottesville has made these APIs available to the public for research and for mobile apps. Additional APIs will be provided as new operators are permitted in the County.


Interested Operators

The City Council approved the program at its December 2, 2019, meeting (PDF). Interested companies must submit the following documents to be considered for 2020 operations.