Tree Inventory & Interactive Dashboard

First Phase

In January of 2018, Charlottesville Parks and Recreation initiated a project with the goal of creating an inventory of all the trees that exist on public property within the City of Charlottesville. The foundation of the inventory is a GPS field survey conducted in 2008 of all the existing trees at that time. This 2008 survey recorded the coordinates and several other attributes of Individual trees located in parks, schools, and right-of-ways. Trees in larger forested areas were estimated through the use of plot samples, and while we still retain the plot sample records, they do not appear in the 2018 inventory. 

In addition to the 2008 field survey records, all of the trees that have been planted on public property since 2008 have been plotted using GPS location equipment and have been assigned many of the same attributes as the trees identified in the 2008 field study. The result of these efforts is a comprehensive inventory of the individual trees (excluding forested areas) that are planted on public property and fall under the care of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation.

Second Phase

The second phase of this project was the development of the interactive dashboard, which allows the user to explore the tree inventory at the location and attribute level. Hovering over any of the bars or map points will provide additional information while clicking on any of the bars will filter the entire dashboard by that particular attribute. For an even deeper exploration of the inventory, the user can click multiple bars to filter the dashboard by multiple attributes. Click the ’Reset’ arrow at the bottom to un-filter the dashboard.

Interactive Dashboard