Carbon Offsets

At Charlottesville Gas we value your engagement, and understand the importance of listening to your feedback. In our annual satisfaction survey, 91% of respondents indicated support for implementing carbon offsets, and 92% of respondents indicated that access to natural gas is very important. We listened, and have voluntarily engaged in a carbon offset program that builds on our commitment to provide you the services and natural gas you depend on. Our initial investment in carbon offsets will compensate for 25% of emissions produced by natural gas in Charlottesville, and complements our energy efficiency rebates and home weatherization initiative. The energy efficiency measures we provide reduce our carbon footprint, and carbon sequestration and prevention projects act to counterbalance our emissions. This two-pronged strategy to reduce our environmental impact continues our commitment to you, and supports the community's broader environmental protection.

With experience in carbon markets since 2001, bp's carbon offset program invests in projects that provide emissions reductions that are real, additional, verifiable, and permanent. To learn more about bp's offset portfolio, and offset issuance verification process and standards, please visit their site on carbon offsetting