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The City’s current traffic advisories and sidewalk closures can be found on this page.  

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  1. TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Week of September 26-30, 2022

  2. TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Week of September 26-30, 2022

    TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Week of September 26-30, 2022 – Closure of pedestrian tunnel to/from the Downtown Mall via the Pavilion on Water Street. Read on...
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Sidewalk Closed

Sidewalk Closures

The following sidewalk closures (lasting more than 48 hours) are in effect or scheduled:

Avon St (Belmont Bridge) - Until May 31, 2023
The eastern sidewalk along 9th/Avon Street will be closed between Levy Avenue and Graves Street to relocate private utility lines. Pedestrians will be directed to the mid-block crossing at Graves Street across 9th/Avon Street as well as to the open crosswalks at 9th/Avon/Levy/Garrett intersection. Graves Street between 9th/Avon and Monticello Road as well as Monticello Road between Graves Street and Old Avon will be flagged intermittently. These impacts are expected through mid-May 2022.

Emmet St. (UVA Grounds) - Until December 1, 2023
Pedestrians are detoured at the UVA parking garage at a Rapid Flashing Beacon and crosswalk, up the sidewalk on the east side of Emmet, crossed over to a protected pedestrian walkway in the median for approximately 100 feet and then crossed back to the sidewalk on the west side.

Old Avon St (Belmont Bridge) - Until November 30, 2022
Southern sidewalk along Old Avon Street.

Water St. (Belmont Bridge) - Until October 31, 2022
The detour route will be along the southern sidewalk on Water Street to the existing crosswalk at the Downtown Transit Station.  A ramp and a staircase is located west of the Downtown Transit Station which connects to the Downtown Mall.

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