Charlottesville Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Administration Office


2023 Meeting Schedule:  3rd Thursday of Every Month5:30 to 8:30 pm


Parks & Recreation Administration Office, 501 East Main Street.


The Advisory Board shall be composed of up to 10 at-large members. In addition, the Advisory Board will have three ex-officio members with the full membership powers and duties: one (1) member from and appointed by the Planning Commission, one (1) member from and appointed by the School Board, and one (1) City resident student representative.

We are currently accepting applications.


3 years


The Advisory Board shall serve as the advisory body for the Charlottesville City Manager. The Advisory Board shall serve as a liaison to the Charlottesville City Manager between Charlottesville Park & Recreation  and citizens of the City of Charlottesville.  The Advisory Board shall consult with and advise said bodies in matters affecting Parks and Recreation:  Marketing, membership, planning, programming, promotion and other leisure services related to Charlottesville Parks & Recreation.

The Advisory Board is also responsible for inputting its long-range planning for resources for capital projects for rehabilitation, design and/or development for indoor/outdoor recreation.

Advisory Board Bylaws


  • Ned Michie - Chair
  • Denny Berry - Vice Chair
  • Jennifer McKeever, School Board Representative
  • Hosea Mitchell, Planning Commission Representative
  • Gusto Colom
  • Jeffrey Fracher
  • Jessica Jackson
  • Jacqueline Webber
  • Sean Gallagher