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Market Street Park

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Market Street Park, located in Downtown Charlottesville contains all of the land bounded by Jefferson Street, First Street N.E., Market Street and Second Street N.E.  The land was donated to the City by Paul Goodloe McIntire in memory of his parents in 1917 to be used as a public park.  Dominating the park at its highest point stands an imposing equestrian monument to Robert E. Lee.  The statue was conceived by Henry M. Shrady, completed by Leo Lentelli, and presented by Mr. McIntire to the City in 1924.  The 1.04 acres of raised land provides a pleasant lunchtime oasis in the downtown area, with many benches, a number of  tables, and colorful flowers and shrubbery.  For more on the history and gardens of this park, click here.

Market Street Park, as well as Court Square Park, are part of the Virginia Civil War Trails.