Why is this Plastic Bag Tax important?

Pollution from single-use plastics is extremely harmful to our land and waterways and poses a threat to the health of humans and animals alike. Plastic bags have a useful life that is often no more than minutes, yet this plastic can last in the environment for hundreds of years or more. Plastics contain harmful chemicals and never truly decompose—instead they break down into smaller pieces called microplastics which are consumed by humans and animals through our food and water sources. This tax will help address these problems by drastically reducing the plastic pollution in our streets, streams, and stormwater system. 

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1. When does the Plastic Bag Tax take effect?
2. Where does the Plastic Bag Tax take effect?
3. How much is the Plastic Bag Tax?
4. At which stores does the Plastic Bag Tax apply?
5. What types of bags are excluded from the Plastic Bag Tax?
6. Will I be required to pay the Plastic Bag Tax if I bring my own bags to shop?
7. Will the City provide reusable bags to those who cannot afford them?
8. Can the plastic bag tax be paid for with EBT cards for SNAP or WIC recipients?
9. Why is this Plastic Bag Tax important?
10. What does the Plastic Bag Tax money fund?
11. Are single-use, plastic bags more hygienic than reusable bags?
12. Can't you recycle plastic bags?
13. Where can I find the guidelines and additional information regarding the Virginia Plastic Bag Tax program??