Why is there a deer culling program?

Deer management is a frequent topic raised by community members. Concerns have typically been vehicle collisions, landscape damage, fear of disease transmission, and health of the herd due to overpopulation. City Council received extensive information on lethal and non-lethal strategies that are implemented by localities in Virginia via staff presentations between September 2016 and June 2017.  As a result, City Council adopted an urban archery ordinance and agreed to couple that population management strategy with professional services.

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1. Why is there a deer culling program?
2. Who will be performing the deer management operation?
3. What are Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management's qualifications and how were they selected?
4. How much will this cost the City?
5. How will the deer be removed?
6. What should I do if I think I hear gunshots?
7. What happens to the deer?
8. When is this taking place?
9. Where will this happen?
10. Am I allowed in the parks while this happens?
11. Are citizens allowed to shoot deer in the City?
12. What about the white deer I have seen, are they protected?
13. What do I do if I have additional questions?