What do I do if I've moved or changed my name since I last voted?

If you haven’t updated your voter registration record since your move or name change, please complete one of the steps below to assure your voter registration record is properly updated. Remember, to be eligible to vote, you must be registered at your current residence address. Registration records are closed for the 21 days preceding any election.  Your new or updated registration must be submitted before the books close in order to be processed for the general election.  If you have been registered in another state and have moved into Virginia, you must complete the Virginia application to register in Virginia. 

Complete a Virginia Voter Registration Application:

  • If you have a Virginia Driver’s License or Virginia DMV-issued ID Card, or if you just need to update your name or address on your existing voter registration, you can fill out and submit your application online.
  • If you are a new registrant and do not have a VA Driver’s License or DMV ID, you can still complete the form online, but then will have to print, sign and mail it (so that it is received by our office by voter registration deadline for the next election).  Mail to:
    Voter Registration
    PO BOX 1219
     Charlottesville, VA 22902

Please note: We cannot accept address or name changes by e-mail.

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