What will the stormwater utility fee pay for?

Services provided will include:

  • Meeting the increasing state and federal regulatory requirements contained in the City’s stormwater permit
  • Repairing and replacing deteriorating stormwater pipes and structures
  • Identifying and implementing capital projects, including the following:
    • Stormwater Retrofits to attain mandated pollution reductions
    • Drainage Improvement projects to address local flooding and drainage issues
    • Major Drainage projects to address needed improvements to the City’s stormwater system
    • Stewardship projects to preserve, enhance, and restore the integrity of the City’s water resources
  • Developing a City-wide Water Resources Master Plan to identify, select, and prioritize capital projects as described above to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Water Resources Protection Program in an efficient, fair, and equitable manner throughout the city.

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2. What will the stormwater utility fee pay for?
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