Community Attention Foster Families

Who We Are

Community Attention has been providing foster care services in our area since 1976. We work with children of all ages, providing short, long and permanent placements for children that can on occasion include adoption. Community Attention is a nonprofit public program and a division within Charlottesville’s Department of Human Services.

What We Do

Children placed in CAFF families have been removed from their parents due to abuse and/or neglect and placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services with the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County or Greene County. CAFF families who have been approved to serve as foster parents have completed an extensive mutual assessment process prior to approval. All CAFF families have demonstrated competencies in the area of protecting and nurturing children, meeting children’s developmental needs and addressing their delays, supporting relationships with birth parents, connecting children to safe nurturing relationship intended to last a lifetime and working as a member of a professional team. CAFF is intentional about meeting the emotional and developmental needs of children in foster care by incorporating trauma supportive practices and resiliency education into our training offered to foster parents.

CAFF Family Services Specialists are assigned to each family when a child or children are place in the family’s home. The Family Services Specialist provides regular and ongoing support through face to face consultation, coordination of necessary support services while serving as a liaison between CAFF parents and the Department of Social Services. CAFF families have access to a database of online training and resources through Foster Parent College as well as training and support groups offered monthly by CAFF Family Services Specialist.  

When requested by the Department of Social Services in the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County or Greene County, a 60-day emergency approval may be issued to relatives or other adults who have maintained a relationship with the child prior to his/her entrance into foster care. During the 60-day emergency approval period, CAFF will provide one to one training and complete all necessary steps to meet home approval standards by Virginia Department of Social Services for Kinship Families.

Our Children and Youth

Foster children and youth in our program range from birth to 21 years of age. Many of the children in our program have experienced adverse childhood experiences; they need compassionate and nurturing support to overcome these experiences to realize their full potential. Most of our children need only short-term support to prepare them for return to their family of origin, while others may stay with their CAFF family until maturity or adoption.