Comprehensive Plan

Link to Resolution of the Planning Commission - Recommending Amendment and Re-enactment of the November 15, 2023 Comprehensive Plan, as amended (PDF)

Link to Manufacture Housing Report: 12-13-2022 (PDF)

On November 15, 2021, the Charlottesville City Council unanimously voted to adopt the 2021 Comprehensive Plan update. The Document can be accessed here.

2021 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Moving Forward on the Citywide Plan

On October 31st, 2019, the City of Charlottesville contracted the services of Rhodeside and Harwell, Incorporated, to undertake the update of the Comprehensive Plan (including a Housing Strategy) and Zoning Ordinance Rewrite. This process – called Cville Plans Together – is being tracked on a project website, Cville Plans Together

There are three outcomes for this project:

  • An updated Comprehensive Plan, which will build on the 2017-2018 Planning Commission process to include updated information based on community input.
  • An Affordable Housing Strategic Plan, as part of the Comprehensive Plan, to create a unified strategy for housing Charlottesville’s residents.
  • A zoning ordinance that reflects the updated community land use vision and addresses other needed updates (state requirements, consistency, etc.).

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