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McIntire Park

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McIntire Park contains land originally donated by Paul Goodloe McIntire and other lands purchased from multiple property owners, and continues to be one of the most popular parks in the City. Located off of U.S. Route 250 Bypass, it features rolling land with magnificent views of the mountains to the east, a heavily wooded area with steep and varied topography and winding streams. There is a major community focus on the lighted softball fields, baseball field, and the three shelters which are used extensively from spring to fall.

The east side of the park is home the Charlottesville Skate Park and Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the south end, and the future Botanical Garden of the Piedmont on the north end. A variety of paved and nature trails traverse the property, and the trail network continues to expand. Parking is available in West McIntire Park and can be accessed over the pedestrian bridge across the railroad, and parking is also available by the CARS rescue squad on McIntire Road, south of 250.


McIntire park was originally larger than its current size. The construction of the 250 bypass ran through the park, with one section becoming what is now Greenleaf Park. Another section, at the southeast end of McIntire Road is the site of the rescue squad. Of the original 150 acres, approximately 130 lie north of the 250 bypass with 55 acres on the west side of the railroad tracks, and 75 acres on the east side. 49 acres of land north of Melbourne Road have been acquired as new City parkland to replace that used by the John Warner Parkway.


There are separate entrances to the three major parts and parking is available at each. The western side of the park (softball, little league and picnic shelters) is located at number 375 Route 250 Bypass. The eastern side of the park is located at number 425 Route 250 Bypass. CTS services Charlottesville High School with a stop at the MLK PAC on Route 9.  You can reach McIntire Park from the bus stop using the footbridge by the Charlottesville High School tennis courts.

Botanical Garden of the Piedmont

Visit the Botanical Garden of the Piedmont for more information.

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Dogs must be on a leash and under control.