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CAYIP Youth and Guardian Expectation Form


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. What is expected of my child during CAYIP?
  • Step One

    1. Youth and Guardian Expectation Form
      A completed CAYIP application packet consists of three parts: the CAYIP Application, the CAYIP Agreement to Participate, and the Youth/Guardian Expectation Form. This is section 3 of 3. Please keep this copy for your records.
    2. What’s expected of Parents and Guardians during CAYIP?
      1. Youth will receive a CAYIP manual during Orientation that they will bring home. Please review the materials and call your child’s CAYIP Counselor with questions.
    3. 2. Transportation is NOT provided by CAYIP or its staff. Parents/Guardians are responsible to arrange for transportation for the youth. CTS bus transportation is acceptable.
    4. 3. Interns can earn a performance-based stipend of up to $8.00 per hour worked. If your child does not meet expectations at their job, they will receive deductions. Please see the manual for more information on expectations and pay day schedule.
    5. 4. Communication is key to a successful program. Providing a reliable phone number, email address and accurate mailing address is necessary.
    6. 5. Interns are allowed two days off called “Approved Absences” that they can utilize during the session and still get paid. They must call their Site Supervisor and CAYIP Counselor 24 hours in advance. Please encourage your child to use these wisely.
    7. 6. Injuries need to be reported to CAYIP Counselors within 18 hours of the incident.