What is the Water Resources Protection Program?

Over the past few years the City has been working hard to develop solutions to address increasingly stringent stormwater regulations and manage the City’s water resources.  A Water Resource Protection Program (WRPP) is being implemented to address these challenges in an economically practicable and sustainable manner. The WRPP is designed to comply with federal and state stormwater regulations, rehabilitate the City’s aging stormwater system, address drainage and flooding problems, and pursue environmental stewardship.

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1. What is the Water Resources Protection Program?
2. What is a stormwater utility fee?
3. What will the stormwater utility fee pay for?
4. How is the fee calculated?
5. What is an example of a fee calculation?
6. How will stormwater utility impact me?
7. What do I do if I feel my bill is incorrect?
8. What can I do to reduce my bill?
9. Are there any incentives besides the Credit Program?
10. What does the Water Resources Protection Program Advisory Committee do?