Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority


4th Tuesday of every month at 2:15 p.m.


Lower Level Board Room, ACSA Admin. Offices


7 members:  City Manager, Council Member, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, Director of Charlottesville Department of Public Works, Albemarle County Executive, Albemarle County Service  Authority Executive Director, and the Chair  jointly appointed by  the City and County.
NOTE: Members are required to file a completed Financial Disclosure Statement with the Clerk of their respective governing board prior to attending their first meeting, and annually during the Conflict of Interest filing period.


2 years (for Joint City/County appointee)


RWSA is a wholesale agency that provides impoundment, treatment, storage and transmission of potable water and transport and treatment of wastewater to the Charlottesville Public Works Department and the Albemarle County Service Authority, who in turn provide water and wastewater services to individual retail customers.

City Representatives

  • John Blair, Acting City Manager
  • Mike Gaffney, Joint City/County Appointee
  • Lauren Hildebrand, Director of Utilities
  • Lloyd Snook, Council Representative (City Councilor)