Retirement Commission


4th Wednesday of every month at 8:30 a.m.


Basement Conference Room - City Hall


11 members (City Councilor, City Manager, Finance Director, Personnel Director, Treasurer, 3 employees At-Large, and 1 retiree, 2 Community members [1 member must be a City resident or City business owner; 1 member must have professional experience in money management, investment services, banking, or retirement plan administration])


3 years (employees and retirees), 2 years (members of the public) 

2 term limit.


Administers supplemental retirement/pension plan of City.


  • John Blair, Acting City Manager
  • Chris Cullinan, Finance Director
  • Al Elias, Retiree
  • Joseph Hatter, Employee At-Large
  • Franklin Henderson, Employee At-Large
  • Scott Hendrix, Employee At-Large
  • Heather Hill, Council Representative (City Councilor)
  • David Hughes, Community Member
  • Jason Vandever, Treasurer
  • Michele Vineyard, Human Resource Director