PLACE Design Task Force


2nd Thursday  of each month at 12:00 p.m.


Neighborhood Development Services Conference Room


14 members appointed by the City Manager; the Taskforce will consist of seven permanent members, one each from areas of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, preservation, arts and the development community, plus two citizens-at-large. The Taskforce will also have two Ex-Officio members; one of which shall be from the Planning Commission to provide a liaison between the two bodies. The City Manager at the recommendation of the Planning Commission may also appoint additional advisory members as necessary to deal with specific project or subjects.


3 years (No term limit)


To guide the community in making decisions about place making, livability, and community engagement.  Act as an advisory body to the Planning Commission and City staff in matters pertaining to urban design and place making.


  • Navarre Bartz, At-Large
  • Cliff Fox, Development 
  • Tim Mohr, BAR Representative (Secretary)
  • Andrew Mondeschein, Multi Modal
  • Susan Perkins, Landscape Architecture
  • Mark Rylander, Tree Commission Representative
  • Lena Seville,  Bicycle & Pedestrian Representative
  • Rory Stolzenberg, Planning Commission Representative (Ex-Officio)
  • Andrea Trimble, Architecture
  • Emily Wright, Arts