CAT Advisory Board






CAT Advisory Board members will consist of no less than 7 CAT Riders and shall be broadly representative of the CAT ridership. Members will consist of at least one rider from City of Charlottesville, one rider from Albemarle County, one rider from UVA. May request representation by agencies board deems relevant to public transit.


The CAT Advisory Board is appointed by City Council and is charged with recommending to City Council policies regarding the services to be provided and the appropriate procedure for implementing CAT plans realizing that Charlottesville Area Transit is a public transportation system.  Recommending to City Council annually a public transportation budget for the succeeding fiscal year in accordance with the City’s annual budget process. The CAT Advisory Board may also make recommendations on other revenue sources such as grants, fares, and advertising policies.

Recommending to City Council, Charlottesville Area Transit Service plans that propose adjustments to CAT service. These service plans shall be recommended to City Council at least sixty (60) days prior to the proposed date of implementation. The service plans will provide information on anticipated costs, ridership, routing, schedules, personnel needs, and budget amendments that may be required. 

Reporting at least once annually to City Council, on or before May 1 of each year, regarding the efforts which have been made to implement CAT plans or such portions thereof or similar plans as the City may have adopted to meet the long-term vision and goals of the CAT system.


  • Ethan Heil, UVA CAT Rider
  • Jonathan  Kropko, City CAT Rider
  • Connor Kurtz, City CAT Rider
  • Anson Parker, UVA CAT Rider
  • Garland Williams, Staff Liaison (Director of Transit)