Vision Statement

Charlottesville: A Great Place to Live for All of Our Citizens

  • A leader in innovation, environmental sustainability, and social and economic justice, and healthy race relations
  • Flexible and progressive in anticipating and responding to the needs of our citizens
  • Cultural and creative capital of Central Virginia
  • United community that treasures diversity

Economic Sustainability

Our community has an effective workforce development system that leverages the resources of the University of Virginia, Piedmont Virginia Community College, and our excellent schools to provide ongoing training and educational opportunities to our residents. We have a business-friendly environment in which employers provide well-paying, career-ladder jobs and residents have access to small business opportunities. The Downtown Mall, as the economic hub of the region, features arts and entertainment, shopping, dining, cultural events, and a vibrant City Market. The City has facilitated significant mixed and infill development within the City.

A Center for Lifelong Learning

In Charlottesville, the strength of our education is measured not by the achievements of our best students, but by the successes of all our students. Here, an affordable, quality education is cherished as a fundamental right, and the community, City schools, Piedmont Virginia Community College and the University of Virginia work together to create an environment in which all students and indeed all citizens have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Quality Housing Opportunities for All

Our neighborhoods retain a core historic fabric while offering housing that is affordable and attainable for people of all income levels, racial backgrounds, life stages, and abilities. Our neighborhoods feature a variety of housing types, including higher density, pedestrian and transit-oriented housing at employment and cultural centers. We have revitalized public housing neighborhoods that include a mixture of income and housing types with enhanced community amenities. Our housing stock is connected with recreation facilities, parks, trails, and services.

C’ville Arts & Culture

Our community has world-class performing, visual, and literary arts reflective of the unique character, culture, and diversity of Charlottesville. Charlottesville cherishes and builds programming around the evolving research and interpretation of our historic heritage and resources. Through City partnerships and promotion of festivals, venues, and events, all have an opportunity to be a part of this thriving arts, cultural, and entertainment scene.

A Green City

Charlottesville citizens live in a community with a vibrant urban forest, tree-lined streets, and lush green neighborhoods. We have an extensive natural trail system, along with healthy rivers and streams. We have clean air and water, we emphasize recycling and reuse, and we minimize storm-water runoff. Our homes and buildings are sustainably designed and energy efficient.

America’s Healthiest City

All residents have access to high-quality health care services. We have a community-wide commitment to personal fitness and wellness, and all residents enjoy our outstanding recreational facilities, walking trails, and safe routes to schools. We have a strong support system in place. Our emergency response system is among the nation’s best.

A Connected Community

The City of Charlottesville is part of a comprehensive, regional transportation system that enables citizens of all ages and incomes to easily navigate our community. An efficient and convenient transit system supports mixed use development along our commercial corridors, while bike and pedestrian trail systems, sidewalks, and crosswalks enhance our residential neighborhoods. A regional network of connector roads helps to ensure that residential neighborhood streets remain safe and are not overburdened with cut-through traffic.

Community of Mutual Respect

In all endeavors, the City of Charlottesville is committed to racial and cultural diversity, inclusion, racial reconciliation, economic justice, and equity. As a result, every citizen is respected. Interactions among city leaders, city employees and the public are respectful, unbiased, and without prejudice.

Smart, Citizen-Focused Government

The delivery of quality services is at the heart of Charlottesville’s social compact with its citizens. Charlottesville’s approach to customer service ensures that we have safe neighborhoods, strong schools, and a clean environment. We continually work to employ the optimal means of delivering services, and our decisions are informed at every stage by effective communication and active citizen involvement. Citizens feel listened to and are easily able to find an appropriate forum to respectfully express their concerns.