Programs for Homeowners & Renters

The City of Charlottesville offers a number of different programs to assist both homeowners and renters reduce the overall costs of housing. These programs range from rent rebates for senior and disabled renter households to free exterior paint for homeowners looking to spruce up their homes, as well as resources for making accessibility modifications to new and existing residential properties. Please see brief descriptions of available programs below, and click on the program names for more detailed information.

Free Paint Program (Unavailable Until Further Notice)

The Free Paint Program offers paint, primer, and up to 8 tubes of caulk to low-income Charlottesville homeowners who are looking to decorate the exterior of their home, including siding, trim, porches, and roofs.

Accessible Housing Incentive

The Virginia Livable Home Tax Credit (LHTC) program provides state tax credits for building, purchasing, or remodeling homes and incorporating accessibility and universal design features. The LHTC program can be used in conjunction with Design for Life C’ville.

Special Tax Rate for Energy Efficient Buildings

A special tax rate is available to qualified residential and commercial energy-efficient buildings. A special tax rate is available to qualified residential and commercial energy-efficient buildings. Qualified buildings must be determined to be an energy-efficient building by a qualified licensed engineer or contractor who is not related to the applicant, as required by Section 58.1-3221.2 of the Code of Virginia. Applications must include certification of this determination. The title of the property must be held, or partially held, by the person applying for the special tax rate. 

Eligibility for this special tax rate shall be effective beginning the first day of the tax year next succeeding the certification by the Department of Neighborhood Development Services and shall remain in effect for such tax year.

Reduced Water & Sewer Connection Fees

The City of Charlottesville offers reduced water facility and sewer connection fees for affordable housing units. "Affordable housing" means a dwelling unit.