Riverview Park Trail

Charlottesville Parks & Recreation maintains a variety of trails in the City. There are nearly 6 miles of paved trails and about 30 miles of nature trails available for residents and visitors to enjoy. Multi-use trails exist at Riverview Park (and upstream along the Rivanna river), Meade Park, at Schenk’s Greenway, McIntire Park, John Warner Parkway, and at Forest Hills Park. Nature trails exist in the woods of many City parks and alongside creeks. Each trail is described in detail below, or you can view the overall Map of City Trails.  All City trails are for biking, hiking, and jogging with exceptions and Ivy Creek and Ragged Mountain.

Donate to the Trail Program

The Charlottesville Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for developing, expanding, maintaining, and improving the network of trails on City properties and on easements across private properties, including natural surface recreation trails and paved and stone dust transportation trails.  Those efforts include new land and easement acquisitions, construction of new trails, as well as installation of bridges, signage, benches, trash cans and other amenities, as well as landscape and forest management along trail corridors. Any interested party can donate to the Parks and Recreation Department in order to protect and improve the trail network.

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  1. Forest Hills Park Trail
  2. Greenbrier Park Trail
  3. Greenleaf Park Trail
  4. Heyward Community Forest
  5. Ivy Creek Natural Area
  6. John Warner Parkway
  7. McIntire Park Trail
  8. Meadowcreek Gardens
  9. Meadowcreek Valley
  10. Pen Park Fitness Trail
  11. Pen Park Nature Trail
  12. Ragged Mountain Natural Area
  13. Rivanna River Trail
  14. Schenk's Greenway

A 1/4 mile paved trail connects Forest Hills Park with the Prospect and Johnson Village neighborhoods. The trail passes through mature woods.