A Fee-Based Trash Service

Trash collection from the City of Charlottesville is provided as a fee-based service. Customers purchase individual trash stickers or annual trash decals in advance and affix them to their trash container. Trash containers or trash bags without a sticker or decal will not be collected. The appropriate sticker for the size of the trash container or trash bag must be used. 

Where Can I Buy Trash Stickers and Annual Trash Decals?

Individual trash stickers are available from the Treasurer’s Office in the City Hall Lobby and at many convenience and grocery stores in the Charlottesville area. Note: most grocery stores only sell the individual stickers in full sheets (12 stickers), however, single stickers may be purchased at City Hall in any quantity. Annual trash decals are only available from the Treasurer’s Office in the City Hall Lobby 

More information is on the Treasurer’s Trash, Recycling, and Leaf Collection webpage

Individual Trash Stickers

Individual trash stickers are sold in two sizes and can be used for trash bags or trash cans up to the sticker size:

  • 13-gallon trash stickers sell for $1.05 each. Individual 13-gallon trash bags must not exceed a weight of 25 lbs. 
  • 32-gallon trash stickers sell for $2.10 each.  Individual 32-gallon trash bags set out for collection must not exceed a weight of 50 lbs. 

Annual Trash Decals

An alternative to individual trash stickers for weekly collection is the annual trash decal.  The decal is valid for one fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). A decal must be purchased for each container you plan to use. The decals will bear the address for which they were purchased, must be affixed to the trash container, and may not be used at any other address.

Decal Prices

Annual trash decals are renewed in June of each year. The decals color changes each year and all decals have the expiration date printed on them.  Decals may also be purchased at any time of the year at a pro-rated price.

Decal Container SizeMaximum Full Container WeightAnnual Decal Price
32 gallon50 lbs$94.50
50 gallon75 lbs$147.00
64 gallon100 lbs$189.00
96 gallon150 lbs$283.50

Decal Sales & Moving

Decals for the upcoming year may go on sale prior to June 15th. After June 15th, only decals for the upcoming decal year may be purchased. If you should move during the decal year, you may return your old decal and obtain a transfer decal for your new address for a fee of $5.00.  

Replacement Decals

If your decal is lost, stolen, or accidentally destroyed, you may obtain a replacement upon filing an affidavit at the Treasurer’s Office and paying a replacement fee of $5.00. 

Quarterly Trash Decals 

Customers located in the Downtown and Uptown Area for trash collection may use individual stickers, or quarterly decals placed on cans or wheeled carts. For more information, please visit the Treasurer’s Trash, Recycling, and Leaf Collection webpage

Collection Schedules

Regular ScheduleCitywide Trash Collection Schedule Map - City of Charlottesville - Jan. 22, 2020 (PDF) Opens in new window

Trash collection is offered daily for customers located in the Uptown area and twice daily for the Downtown area. All other trash collection routes are offered once per week on an assigned day. 

Please view the Citywide Trash Collection Schedule Map to confirm the schedule for your street. 

Holiday Schedule

Trash and recycling will not be collected on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, or New Year’s Day.  These services will resume on the next working day and continue a day behind through the rest of the week, including Saturday.

If Independence Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day fall on a weekend, this schedule may vary.  Details will be put in a press release and posted to the City’s News webpage as well as posted to the City’s Online Calendar with all other closing information.