Public Service

The Public Service Division is responsible for maintaining streets and sidewalks, solid waste management, and servicing traffic systems.

Have you tried the MyCville App? It’s an easy way to request City services or report issues.

Streets and Sidewalks

Maintenance Issues

To report maintenance issues related to existing street, sidewalk, and stormwater infrastructure (potholes, unrepaired utility cuts, blocked drainage structures in the public right-of-way) use the MyCville App.

Street Paving

View our paving schedule in the City Operations Viewer.

Street Cut Permits

Submit street cut permits forms here.

Solid Waste Management

Curbside Collection

Residential scheduled for weekly collection of household trash and biweekly collection of recyclables.

Commercial collection of refuse and recyclables scheduled daily at 7 am and 4 pm in downtown and uptown areas of the city.

Large Item Collection

Fill out the online form to schedule a collection of large household items and/or brush/limbs.


Learn more about composting  services and resources.

Leaf Collection

We offer seasonal collection service for loose leaves.

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping Program operates on a primary (PDF) and zonal (PDF) schedule, where primary City streets are cleaned at least once every week and residential streets are cleaned at least twice every year.

Dead Animals

To report dead animals in the street use the MyCville App.

Snow and Ice Removal

Winter Weather Resources

The Public Services Department offers snow and ice removal.

Traffic Operations

Maintenance Issues

Maintenance related to traffic signs, meters, signals, and street markings can be reported by using the MyCville App or calling 970-3362

Traffic Infrastructure

New installations or adjustments to traffic infrastructure should be directed to Neighborhood Development Services.