Module 1 of the Draft Zoning Ordinance

Since fall 2022, we have been working to draft the zoning ordinance based on the Diagnostic + Approach Report. Over the next three months, we will begin sharing the draft zoning ordinance for community review and comment. This will happen in three parts (a.k.a. “modules”):

  • Module 1: Zoning Districts, Rules of Measurement, Land Use Table, Zoning Map - cvilleplanstogether.com/draft-zoning
  • Module 2: Development Standards (landscaping, parking, signs, lighting, etc.) – Plan to release during the week of March 13
  • Module 3: Zoning Administration (review processes) – Plan to release during the week of April 3

The dates above are subject to change; please continue to check the website for details.

Diagnostic and Approach Release

We are pleased to share that our first report of the zoning rewrite phase of the Cville Plans Together process has been posted to the Cville Plans Together website. 

This “diagnostic + approach report” is like a conceptual plan for our new zoning ordinance, laying out a set of ideas that could be included in Charlottesville’s new zoning ordinance in order to advance the goals and strategies of the Comprehensive Plan.