Monthly Parking


The following monthly parking rates are effective July 1, 2022:

  • Resident rate  -  $115                                                                   
  • Basic garage rate  -  $140                                                           
  • Reserved rate at WSPG  - $160                                            
  • Reserved rate at 7th and JD&R and Lots -  $150        

The City offers monthly parking in both garages and on a surface parking lot located off 7th Street NE and facing East Market Street. There is a waiting list for monthly parking for the 7th St. Lot and the Market St. Garage.  When an opening becomes available at any facility, the permit is offered to the person at the top of the list. If the customer chooses not to accept the offer, they move to the bottom of the facility list and the permit is offered to the next person on the list.  

Special reserved parking at a numbered space is available at the Water Street Garage only.  A separate waiting list is maintained for reserved parking.

Both hourly and monthly parking is operated by Lanier Parking for the City.  Lanier Parking manages the waiting list and bills monthly parkers on behalf of the City.  For additional information on monthly parking at the two garages and the surface parking lot, please contact Lanier Parking at 108 5th Street NE or at 434-284-5620. Their office is open from 8 am until 4 pm, Monday through Friday.  The office is closed on City Holidays.