Housing Development Partnership Capital Investment Project (CIP) Request for Information (RFI)


This information page is a part of our yearly capital housing investment planning platform and strategy for sharing critical project details that may require future funding support and collaboration. We invite developers and housing providers to provide comprehensive insights into potential projects that align with our city's robust, affordable housing and community development goals. 

Our previous Request for Information (RFI) received valuable input, shedding light on multiple diverse, affordable housing projects. This information helped us estimate a funding requirement of $33.4 million between 2023 and 2028. Please note that the RFI is a tool for understanding 5-year project forecasts and funding gaps. It is not a direct funding opportunity. 

This proactive RFI approach helps us align our Capital Improvement Plans (CIP), budget planning, and program development strategies with the City's Affordable Housing and Comprehensive Plans and Budget Goals.  Any affordable or rapid housing developer or operator is encouraged to share a project vision, scope, and potential partnership opportunities with us to help foster sustainable and inclusive housing initiatives in our vibrant community.

Why Apply/Respond to RFI? 

Developers and operators are encouraged to submit an application to this RFI for several reasons:

  1. Prospective Funding Support: While submitting to this RFI does not guarantee funding, the RFI provides an opportunity to express interest in potential funding and collaboration with the City of Charlottesville for affordable housing development projects.
  2. City Collaboration: By participating, developers and operators can foster partnerships with the city, potentially leading to valuable support and resources for their projects.
  3. Alignment with City Goals: Applying demonstrates a commitment to supporting the city's affordable housing and community development objectives, fostering sustainable and inclusive housing initiatives.
  4. Inform Future City Planning: The information gathered through the RFI will inform the City's budget planning and decision-making processes, potentially informing funding allocation planning strategies for housing and community development initiatives.
  5. Visibility and Recognition: Engaging with the RFI could enhance the visibility of the developers or operators within the community and among stakeholders, highlighting their dedication to affordable housing solutions.

Additional Information

Questions regarding this fund should be directed to Antoine Williams, Housing Program Manager, via email at williamsan@charlottesville.gov or by phone at (434)970-3513.

Ready to contribute to Charlottesville's vibrant housing community? Click the tab below to download the application, share your project details and vision, and join our city's affordable housing initiatives.

  1. Download Application
  2. FY2024-2025 NOFA

Complete and return no later than December 15, 2023, at 5:00 PM

Please note that eligible applicants must fall under the categories of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, government entities, experienced housing developers, or collaborators with the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Additionally, proposed projects must include an adequate proportion of affordable housing units within the total unit count. The application should specify an affordability period and highlight the number of units that will cater to different area median income percentages, all of which must be within the City's jurisdictional boundaries.

  • Click HERE to download WORD version of the application.
  • Click HERE to download PDF version of the application.