Citizen's Transportation Advisory Committee


3rd Wednesday of every other month at 7:00 p.m.


Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission Office


5 City appointments (one of which should be a Planning Commissioner); 5 County appointments (one of which should be a Planning Commissioner); 3 MPO Policy Board appointments. City and County appointments may include representatives from the following interest groups: public transit; bicycling; pedestrian; freight/shipping representative; Chamber of Commerce; environmental; private transit provider; and small business.


3 years


The Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee is the designated citizen’s committee of the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization). This group reviews,comments, and recommends ideas on transportation plans, programs, studies, and other appropriate documents. CTAC raises transportation issues and concerns from their communities. These recommendations go on to advise and aid the MPO Policy Board in their decision-making. The members strive to represent a diverse range of interests that reflect the region and its many communities.  

City Representatives

  • Lucas Beane
  • T. Donna Chen, MPO 
  • Joseph French
  • Stuart Gardner, MPO 
  • Gary Heaton, Planning Commission Representative
  • Raymond Heron
  • Travis Pietila, MPO