Black Male Achievement



The City of Charlottesville’s Department of Human Services is seeking to obtain the services of a youth intern for our new podcast, "How U?" with the Charlottesville Alliance for Black Male Achievement. The purpose of the series is to connect with youth and create dialogue and opportunities self-reflection. The series will raise awareness to topics facing young black males. The series will connect youth with positive adults and mentors. Youth will learn techniques and strategies that promote long-term success. Production will begin September 8, 2020.   Interns will work 10 hours a week for 8 weeks and earn a performance-based stipend, the equivalent of $8.00 per hour. 

The ideal candidate will have the ability to work virtually, and independently.  They must be a City of Charlottesville resident and between the ages of 15-20 years old.  They will be willing to engage in public speaking either on the podcast or in media.   Production and interview skills as well as an interest in social justice are preferred qualities.

To apply, fill out these two documents and either fax to 434-970-3577, scan to, or drop off in the mailbox at 907 E. Jefferson Street by 5 pm on August 26, 2020.

  1. BMA Podcast Team Application (DOC)
  2. Agreement to Participate (PDF)

Charlottesville Alliance for Black Male Achievement is dedicated to tackling long-standing systemic barriers to Black Male Achievement so all Black boys and men have equal opportunity to lead successful and meaningful lives.


Black boys and young men have the expectation and opportunity to succeed.


The Alliance seeks to inspire and recognize Black Male excellence in the city of Charlottesville by connecting and convening resources and fostering innovative efforts to expand opportunity for achievement.


  • The lives of Black boys and young men matter.
  • Black boys and young men have the right to be heard, supported and successful.
  • The ongoing support of our entire community is needed to create lasting change.
  • Black boys and young men are entitled to a quality education, justice, equal opportunities, and equitable access to resources.
  • The community will consistently recognize and celebrate the strengths and achievements of our Black boys and young men.


In 2018, a group of young Black men wrote, directed, and produced a documentary to tell the story of successful Black men in the Charlottesville area. This documentary was created in partnership with Underground Shorts Media and Lighthouse Studios. It has been featured in over 7 film festivals around the world. Watch the powerful documentary entitled, “Changing the Narrative.” 

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