Climate Action Planning

Climate Surveys

OPEN THROUGH MAY 20, 2022!  

Two climate surveys - one for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions and one for assessing climate vulnerabilities! 

The City’s Climate Protection Program has TWO surveys for community input to inform its climate action plan for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and its climate vulnerability assessment. 

  • Survey #1: The Climate Action Survey will inform strategies and actions for the City's Climate Action Plan, aimed at achieving Charlottesville's greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals of a 45% reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.  
  • Survey #2:  Charlottesville's Climate Vulnerabilities Survey aims to identify the anticipated level of impact and adaptability of key community systems in response to the top climate change hazards for our area. Results from this survey will be used to inform community workshops in June, which will be the final community engagement step in developing a Climate Vulnerability Assessment. The Climate Vulnerability Assessment is a key milestone in developing a Climate Adaptation Plan.  

New Resource:  Climate Action Fact Sheets

Image of page 1 of the Charlottesville Climate Fact Sheet 1Five fact sheets were developed in support of the City's Climate Action Planning process. They aim to provide an introduction to commonly discussed climate action strategies, concepts, and technologies and to serve as a resource for community members who may be newer to this topic and are interested to learn more.

Fact Sheet 1 - Build Right, Build for the Future
Fact Sheet 2 - Funding Climate Action
Fact Sheet 3 - The Fuel Switching Landscape
Fact Sheet 4 - Onsite Renewables
Fact Sheet 5 - Transportation

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Logo for Charlottesville Acting on Climate TogetherThrough joining the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, the City of Charlottesville has committed to developing two types of Climate Action Plans:  one targeting greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and one focused on preparing and adapting to a changing climate. Reflecting community comments over the last several years, these efforts are being led under the brand of Charlottesville Acting on Climate Together.

  1. Climate Surveys

    Reminder - Climate Surveys Still Open, through May 20th!

    There's still time to inform the City's two climate planning processes that are underway! Two climate plans - Two surveys - Open through May 20th! Read on...
  2. Cover Page of the Fiscal Year 2021 Energy and Water Performance Report

    City of Charlottesville Publishes Annual Energy and Water Performance Report

    The City of Charlottesville realized reduced utility usage and spending during fiscal year 2021 primarily due to severely reduced building occupancy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on...
  3. Climate on Council Agenda

    Climate Action at City Council Work Session on Monday, April 18

    The City's Climate Protection Program will be presenting an update and preliminary content for the City's Climate Action Plan at the City Council Work Session on Monday, April 18, 4:00 pm. Read on...
  4. 510x510 (5)

    Surveys Open for Climate Action Planning

    Surveys to inform climate action planning - both greenhouse gas reductions and climate vulnerability - are open for community input until Friday, May 20, 2022. Read on...
  5. Green City Logo

    Charlottesville Initiates A Big Step Forward to Large Energy and Water Savings

    The City of Charlottesville hires CMTA Energy Solutions to identify energy saving opportunities that support climate action. Read on...
  6. Charlottesville GHG Inventory Pie Chart Graphic

    GHG Emissions Data Updated on the City Website

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Inventories measure and track community-wide GHGs associated with activities within the City of Charlottesville's community. The City's website has been updated to make this data more accessible to the community. Read on...
  7. Logo for Charlottesville Acting on Climate Together

    Summary Report from Community/Staff Forums Available - Climate Vulnerability Assessment Process

    As part of the Climate Vulnerability Assessment Process, community members and staff considered vulnerabilities in Charlottesville's community systems. A summary report of this input is now available online. Read on...
  8. Map of 2021 Data Collection Bike & Driving Routes

    Urban Heat Island Mapping Data - Now Available!

    Data and final report from the 2021 Urban Heat Island Mapping Campaign is now available! Read on...
  9. Event Promotion Image for Climate Action Together Event on 2022-01-20

    Join us on Jan. 20 for a Climate Action Together Roundtable Discussion

    Climate change, and its associated stress on our community, is upon us. Join the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the University of Virginia on January 20 for a roundtable discussion with local leaders in key affected community systems. Read on...
  10. Logo for Charlottesville Acting on Climate Together

    Now Open: Online Input Form for Identifying Climate Vulnerabilities in Charlottesville

    On Oct. 25th, Charlottesville hosted live virtual forums to identify climate vulnerabilities as the next step in its Climate Vulnerability Assessment process. An online recording and input form are now available for additional input to hear from you! Read on...
  11. Text announcing an &#34Acting on Climate Together&#34 Community Workshop

    Climate Vulnerability Assessment Process Kicking Off

    The City is beginning the process to develop a Climate Vulnerability Assessment, a part of Adaptation Planning. Having prepared information on the climate hazards projected for Charlottesville, community input is needed to identify vulnerabilities. Read on...
  12. Image of Text &#34Call for Volunteers&#34

    Call for Volunteers: Urban Heat Island Mapping Campaign

    Calling for Community Volunteers - Help Charlottesville collect data on urban heat as part of the 2021 NIHHIS-CAPA Urban Heat Island Mapping Campaign! This project will support Charlottesville's climate action efforts around extreme heat vulnerabilities. Read on...
  13. Text announcing an &#34Acting on Climate Together&#34 Community Workshop

    Announcing: Community Workshop - Dec 14 and Dec 15

    The City of Charlottesville is developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP) aimed to achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals. Community engagement is a critical part of this process. Join us for the first community workshop! Read on...
  14. Text image indicating newly adopted GHG Goals (45% by 2030 and Carbon Neutral by 2050)

    Charlottesville Adopted New GHG Reduction Goals

    On July 1, 2019, City of Charlottesville's City Council adopted new greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals informed by community input and the challenge posed by climate change, including the recent IPCC report. The new goals aim to achieve a 45% reduction Read on...
  15. Text image requesting community input on draft GHG Goals and Climate Action Plan direction

    Draft GHG Goals Open for Public Comment

    At City Council's May 6, 2019 meeting, a compilation of community comments and input were presented along with draft greenhouse gas reduction goals. Community input was used to inform support for this level of commitment and to begin informing direction Read on...
  16. Text image announcing that the City joined the Global Covenant of Mayors Commitment

    Charlottesville Recommits to Climate Action

    City Council passed a resolution on June 19, 2017 as its "Response to the Announced US Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement". The resolution indicates continued commitment on behalf of Charlottesville to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and Read on...
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  1. Background
  2. Emissions Reductions
  3. Vulnerability Assessment

Developing a Climate Action Plan and a Climate Adaptation Plan

Following the adoption of a greenhouse gas reduction target on July 1, 2019, the City of Charlottesville will develop a climate action plan for greenhouse gas reductions followed by a climate hazard risk assessment and climate resiliency/adaptation planning process. These efforts support the City's Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy commitment:

Chart showing Cville's current stages in the Global Covenant of Mayors Commitment

City Council Direction for the Climate Action Plan

City Council passed resolutions on May 6, 2019 (PDF) and July 1, 2019 (PDF) directing that the Climate Action Plan be developed pursuant to the adopted reduction goal and include the following aspects:

  • Front Load Reductions - pursue steeper reductions in the near term
  • Identify of Sub-Goals by Sector and by Strategy in the Climate Action Plan
  • Address Equity Specifically in Goals and the Climate Action Plan
  • Identify Measurement Frequency and Accountability Mechanisms
  • Address Funding and Financing Options to Enable and Support Private Sector Action

Additional Strategies

Additionally, the Climate Action Plan will include, but not be limited to, strategies that address:

  1. Further enabling private financial sector investment in energy performance upgrades for commercial properties in the City of Charlottesville through adoption of a commercial property assessed clean energy (C-PACE) financing program; and
  2. Effective funding programs and models for increased residential energy performance, including programs that are compatible with affordable housing and owner or renter-occupied housing; and
  3. The feasibility of integrating zero emission vehicles into the municipal fleet and supporting increased community adoption of zero emission vehicles; and
  4. Working in conjunction with regional partners to implement seamless programs and services to increase ease of participation for Charlottesville organizations and residents.


The City of Charlottesville committed to developing a Climate Action Plan as part of its Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy commitment in 2017. Community engagement to develop a Climate Action Plan was planned to begin in the Spring of 2020. Formal engagement activities were delayed due to the coronavirus response with some activities beginning in the winter of 2020-21 and are still ongoing. 

The City began the first two steps of the Climate Adaptation Plan process in Fall 2021. Charlottesville's top climate hazards have been identified and the Climate Vulnerability Assessment process is ongoing, expected to conclude by September 2022. The adaptation plan development will build upon these first two steps.